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        GreenDoer is a new industry leading supplier in sustainable packaging solutions based in China. We invented a revolutionary packaging technology based on bamboo fiber.  We can mold 3D contour shape with a multi-level bamboo fiber structure in one single shot. We offer the next generation packaging solution to the consumer industry.

  • 20+ years industry experience with 30 dedicated resources on packaging design;

  • We are familiar with various packaging solutions and well understand e2e supply chain;

  • Packaging design not only determines packaging material cost, but also supply chain (e2e) cost;


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GreenDoer Headquarter

Address: No. 4 Factory Bldg,Supporting Industries Park for Xinpu Economic Development Zone,  XinpuNew District, Zunyi,Guizhou, 563125, China

GreenDoer International Corp. (U.S. subsidiary)

Address: 615 E. Camino Real Ave,Arcadia CA 91006